Veriforce® training solutions provide hiring clients and their contractor workforce with the critical training content, technologies, and services they need to support defensible OQ, drug and alcohol, and safety compliance programs and address workforce turnover challenges.

Satisfy key regulatory-driven training requirements from DOT/PHMSA and OSHA

  • Rely on Veriforce for critical training content, technologies, and services to meet regulatory-driven training requirements for your employees and/or contractors
  • Leverage our computer-based training and instructor-led courses, developed hand-in-hand with internal and external industry experts, to help satisfy DOT/PHMSA and OSHA training requirements
  • Use VeriSourceTM Training Management to efficiently manage and monitor training assignments and automate training/testing recordkeeping in support of defensible compliance programs

Quickly and cost-effectively drive the development of technical and safety skills across your workforce

Pipeline Skills 101 Training
  • Leverage our libraries of 285+ interactive computer-based training (CBT) courses to efficiently train individuals in geographically-dispersed locations, minimizing time away from the field and reducing travel expenses
  • Quickly get new team members up-to-speed: our Covered Task CBT Library, Safety CBT Library, and Pipeline Skills 101 CBT Library help workers learn core pipeline skills, build their technical skillsets, and understand how to work safely
  • Courses can be delivered to employees through VeriSource, or within your company’s own enterprise learning management system using the AICC e-learning integration protocol
  • Extend CBT benefits to your own content: with VeriSource Training Management, clients can upload their own training materials to create and deliver custom online training programs

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Rely on Veriforce expertise to reduce your training development effort and maximize trainee engagement

Evaluator Authorization Training
  • Save time and money using our computer-based training content and instructor-led courses as part of OQ, drug and alcohol, and safety compliance programs, new hire onboarding, or other training programs, eliminating the need to develop training on your own
  • Ensure training is highly-relevant: Veriforce courses incorporate pipeline-specific content and real-world photos, and reflecting the latest industry developments, technologies, and regulatory requirements
  • Maximize trainee engagement and understanding with our interactive courses that include elements like games, simulations, knowledge checks, and a required final exam

“The recent evaluator class I attended at the Veriforce offices in Houston was as promoted: an insightful and educational experience. My goal, to administer OQ evaluations within my company system, was achieved through the one-day, concise, yet thorough classroom training. The trainer was well-versed and knowledgeable about all aspects of the evaluation process and was an extremely good communicator. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs to be an OQ administrator for their company.”

Centralize and streamline training management and recordkeeping

Streamline Training Management
  • Leverage VeriSource to centrally administer all aspects of your OQ, drug and alcohol, and/or safety compliance program(s), including the associated training assignments and recordkeeping
  • Streamline training administration with VeriSource Training Management, which enables you to create your own training programs with quizzes/exams, assign courses, deliver online training to your workforce, and track training progress – all within VeriSource
  • Free staff from time-consuming data entry and improve the accuracy of training recordkeeping with VeriSource Training Management and VeriSource CBT libraries, which automatically capture training/testing results in VeriSource
  • Integrate VeriSource with your enterprise HR or learning management system to centralize visibility into training/testing records

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Maximize the effectiveness of your compliance programs and more efficiently and effectively mitigate regulatory risk and improve safety

  • Simplify contractor management with integrated VeriSource applications to manage contractor compliance with PHMSA OQ Rule, DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program, and OSHA and client-specific safety requirements
  • Leverage our uniquely comprehensive compliance solutions that combine VeriSource software with value-added audit and consulting services and complementary training offerings, allowing you to manage your compliance programs more efficiently and mitigate risk more effectively
  • Simplify your client experience by working through a single-source solution provider like Veriforce