Veriforce® helps supply chain and procurement professionals streamline vendor prequalification processes, improve visibility into vendor compliance with insurance and OSHA safety requirements, and more effectively mitigate third-party and supply chain risk.

Streamline your vendor insurance prequalification process so you can focus on higher priorities

  • With VeriSourceTM COI Tracking, clearly see which vendors meet your company’s insurance requirements and enjoy centralized, web-based access to all of your vendors’ coverage details and certificate of insurance (COI) documents
  • Easily keep on top of vendors’ policy expirations, with KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports for you, and automated email reminders for vendors
  • Leverage flexible configuration capabilities to group vendors and tailor their insurance requirements based on your company’s procurement and risk requirements
  • Get back some time: Veriforce takes care of collecting your vendors’ insurance details and auditing this data against each vendor’s COI to ensure your requirements are met


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Mitigate OSHA safety risk among your suppliers and contract labor workforce

Safeguard the quality of your OQ program
  • Use VeriSource Safety Compliance Management to enable stakeholders across your organization to easily identify which suppliers and contractors meet your company’s workplace health and safety standards
  • Conveniently access all vendors’ safety program details in one place, including OSHA stats and logs, safety policies, EMR, and more
  • Free in-house safety resources from the hassles of managing a safety prequalification program: Veriforce gathers all required safety program information from your vendors and our experts review it for compliance with OSHA and any client-specific requirements
  • Conduct a deeper level of due diligence: higher-risk vendors can be required to undergo a Veriforce desktop and/or field safety audit to verify their safety program implementation and give you deeper insight into the vendor’s program quality

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Get an enhanced view of your vendor relationships and risk

  • Easily and securely integrate VeriSource with procurement, risk management, ERP, or other enterprise or proprietary systems and reporting tools used to manage vendors
  • Share key vendor data from VeriSource – such as current insurance status, overall safety score, or safety audit scores – to enable a complete view of vendor relationships without having to access multiple systems, as well as inform vendor risk profiles as part of a broader supply chain risk management program

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