Veriforce® is the only single-source provider of the key solutions energy & utilities companies need to enhance workforce and community safety. Our uniquely comprehensive solutions combine VeriSourceTM, our integrated software for Operator Qualification (OQ), Drug and Alcohol (D&A), and Safety compliance management, with value-added audit, consulting, and training services. Only Veriforce takes this integrated approach, which simplifies our clients’ experience by enabling them to work through a single vendor and allows them to establish and manage their compliance programs more efficiently and mitigate risk more effectively.

  • OQ – Streamline your OQ program administration and defensibly comply with PHMSA OQ Rule requirements  Explore→
  • D&A – Easily monitor your contractors’ compliance with DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program requirements   Learn More→
  • Safety – Simplify contractor safety prequalification and get visibility into your contractors’ OSHA compliance   See Details→
  • Training – Leverage training content, technologies, and services that support your OQ, D&A, and safety compliance  Explore→
  • Consulting – Draw upon our experts’ decades of real-world compliance experience and deep regulatory knowledge  See More Information→

Integrated Compliance Solutions: Enjoy one-stop management of critical compliance programs driven by DOT/PHMSA and OSHA requirements, improving your efficiency and reducing your risk

  • Centralize and streamline critical compliance processes on VeriSource, our integrated OQ, D&A, and Safety compliance management software
  • Gain visibility into contractors’ compliance across your OQ, drug and alcohol, safety, insurance, and/or training requirements, enabling more informed contractor selection decisions and lowering your regulatory risk
  • Leverage VeriSource software to quickly implement compliance management best practices within your organization
  • Choose the VeriSource applications you need: tailor a compliance solution to your immediate business needs and then easily expand it over time as your needs grow or budget allows

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OQ Compliance: Maximize the overall effectiveness and defensibility of your OQ programs

Comprehensive OQ Compliance Solution

Explore our comprehensive OQ compliance solution

D&A Compliance: Streamline management of your contractor drug and alcohol compliance program and drive improvements that mitigate contractor risk

D&A Compliance Management
  • Use VeriSource D&A Compliance Management to easily monitor your contractors’ compliance with DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program requirements
  • Leverage our contractor D&A audit services to get visibility into the quality of your contractors’ drug and alcohol programs and help them drive improvements that mitigate your risk
  • Gain access to D&A training and consulting expertise needed to ensure defensible drug and alcohol compliance programs
  • Simplify required DOT drug and alcohol reporting with our DAMIS reporting service

Explore our comprehensive D&A compliance solution

Safety Compliance: Get visibility into contractors’ OSHA compliance and help drive continuous improvement to safety culture across your contractor workforce

Comprehensive Safety Compliance Solution
  • Use VeriSource Safety Compliance Management to simplify contractor prequalification processes designed to ensure compliance with OSHA and client-specific safety requirements
  • Get the industry’s most comprehensive view of contractor safety performance so you know where to award your business and target your safety efforts
  • Help your contractors drive genuine safety improvements that ultimately reduce your risk with our contractor safety audit services
  • Leverage our Safety Computer-Based Training Library to support compliance with OSHA training requirements and enhance safety culture
  • Take advantage of integrated VeriSource Certificate of Insurance Tracking, which enables you to quickly identify those contractors that also meet your company’s insurance coverage requirements and track their certificates of insurance

Explore our comprehensive safety compliance solution

“With the Veriforce contractor safety prequalification program, we’ve been able to manage our contractors more efficiently and make better contractor selection decisions for our projects... Veriforce partners with our contractors to gather their safety stats and policies and perform a thorough review of their submitted safety documentation, taking these activities off of our plate. We then use VeriSource to easily see each contractor’s safety status and score, giving us a clear view into each contractor’s safety program as we identify project resources."

Training Solutions: Get the critical training content, technologies, and services you need to support OQ, drug and alcohol, and safety compliance programs and address workforce turnover challenges

Evaluator Authorization Training
  • Satisfy key regulatory-driven training requirements from DOT/PHMSA and OSHA through Veriforce computer-based training (CBT) libraries and instructor-led training
  • Use our computer-based training courses to quickly and cost-effectively drive the development of technical and safety skills across your rapidly-changing workforce
  • Rely on Veriforce expertise to reduce your training development effort and maximize trainee engagement
  • Centralize and streamline training administration and recordkeeping with VeriSource Training Management

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Consulting Services: Leverage the expertise of our seasoned compliance and industry experts to guide you through the complexities of establishing and managing defensible compliance programs

  • Rely on Veriforce experts with decades of real-world experience managing compliance programs
  • Leverage our consulting services across areas such as OQ, O&M, CRM, and D&A
  • Take advantage of Veriforce expertise as you adapt your compliance programs to keep pace with changes to your business (e.g., M&A activity) and/or federal/state requirements

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