Only Veriforce® delivers a comprehensive solution for safety compliance, combining software with value-added audit and training services to give energy & utilities companies visibility into contractors’ OSHA compliance and help drive continuous improvement to safety culture across their contractor workforce.

Simplify contractor prequalification and management

  • Use VeriSourceTM Safety Compliance Management to centrally track and maintain safety statistics and policies for all of your contractors in a single, web-based application
  • Easily see which contractors meet your safety requirements and have the best safety performance history
  • Eliminate administrative work: as a value-added service included with our software, Veriforce works directly with your contractors to gather and validate all required safety stats and policies
  • Take advantage of integrated VeriSource Certificate of Insurance Tracking, which enables you to quickly identify those contractors that also meet your company’s insurance coverage requirements and track their certificates of insurance

Explore VeriSource Safety Compliance Management

Get a deeper view of contractor safety performance so you know where to award your business and target your safety efforts

Contractor Safety Performance
  • Leverage VeriSource Safety Compliance Management, which unites contractor safety trend metrics and insights from Veriforce desktop and field safety audits to provide a deeper view of contractor safety performance, enabling you to more effectively prioritize and target updates needed to contractor safety programs, policies, and/or training
  • Get unique insight from Veriforce desktop and field safety audit services: audit results contribute to contractor safety scores in VeriSource and detailed audit reports help you assess contractors’ safety programs when awarding new business and understand where there’s room for improvement

“With the Veriforce contractor safety prequalification program, we’ve been able to manage our contractors more efficiently and make better contractor selection decisions for our projects... Veriforce partners with our contractors to gather their safety stats and policies and perform a thorough review of their submitted safety documentation, taking these activities off of our plate. We then use VeriSource to easily see each contractor’s safety status and score, giving us a clear view into each contractor’s safety program as we identify project resources...”

Help your contractors drive genuine safety improvements that ultimately reduce your risk

Safeguard the quality of your OQ program
  • Go beyond prequalification: Veriforce is the only provider with a solution that includes contractor desktop and field safety audit services that help your contractors identify, make, and sustain real safety improvements
  • Reduce safety risk on your worksites: Veriforce safety auditors work hand-in-hand with your contractors to identify and close safety program gaps and drive genuine improvements that, in turn, enable hiring clients to reduce safety risk on their worksites
  • Rely on Veriforce safety audit services to supplement the efforts of your internal safety inspectors, giving you more eyes in the field

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Support compliance with OSHA training requirements and enhance safety culture

  • Take advantage of our Safety Computer-Based Training (CBT) Library, featuring 80+ industry-specific courses in English and Spanish that help you and/or your contractors drive safety awareness and comply with OSHA training requirements
  • Simplify safety training recordkeeping: all Safety CBT Training course results are automatically captured in VeriSource, freeing staff from time-consuming data entry and improving the reliability and accuracy of recordkeeping

More efficiently and effectively mitigate regulatory risk and improve safety

More efficiently and effectively mitigate compliance risk and improve safety