Veriforce® uniquely combines software and services to help companies not only streamline contractor prequalification, but also drive ongoing improvement to contractor safety and more effectively mitigate third-party and supply chain risk.

Streamline contractor prequalification and accelerate contractor time-to-work

  • Use VeriSourceTM Safety Compliance Management to centrally access all of your contractors’ safety program details – stats, policies, and documents – in a web-based application that offers the flexibility to meet the needs of clients across industry sectors
  • Rely on a proven solution based on OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910 and 1926, helping to ensure your contractors’ compliance with federal OSHA standards, along with any company-specific requirements
  • Easily see which contractors meet all of your company’s safety requirements or why a contractor is unapproved
  • Get rid of administrative work: as a value-added service included with our software, Veriforce works directly with your contractors to collect and validate required safety stats and policies
  • Eliminate guesswork: in the contractor’s view of VeriSource, Safety Actions show contractors exactly what must be completed to get compliant in your program, getting them to work more quickly
  • Take advantage of integrated VeriSource Certificate of Insurance Tracking software, enabling you to quickly identify those contractors that also meet your company’s insurance requirements

Explore VeriSource Safety Compliance Management

“The interface makes it very easy to understand what I need to do to meet client requirements.”

Get deeper insight into the quality of contractors’ safety programs, improving hiring decisions and lowering your supply chain risk

Contractor Safety Performance
  • Leverage VeriSource Safety Compliance Management, which delivers contractor safety trend metrics plus insights from Veriforce desktop and field safety audits that provide visibility into the day-to-day implementation of contractors’ safety programs
  • Get unique insight from Veriforce desktop and field safety audit services: detailed audit reports allow you to more effectively assess a contractor’s safety program quality, enabling better decisions when selecting contractors and more effective mitigation of supply chain risk

Drive ongoing improvement to contractor safety

Safeguard the quality of your OQ program
  • Go beyond prequalification: Veriforce contractor desktop and field safety audit services help your contractors identify, make, and sustain real safety improvements
  • Reduce safety risk on your worksites: Veriforce safety professionals work hand-in-hand with your contractors to identify safety program gaps, provide guidance and a corrective action process, and perform follow-up audits to ensure gaps are closed
  • Rely on Veriforce safety audit services to supplement the efforts of your internal safety inspectors, giving you more eyes in the field


Learn more about Contractor Safety Audit Services

“With the Veriforce contractor safety prequalification program, we’ve been able to manage our contractors more efficiently and make better contractor selection decisions for our projects... For those contractors who perform higher-risk work, we take advantage of Veriforce safety desktop audit services, which give us an additional level of visibility and reassurance regarding the quality of these contractors’ safety programs.”

More efficiently and effectively mitigate risk and improve safety

  • Simplify contractor management with integrated VeriSource applications to manage insurance prequalification, as well as contractor compliance with PHMSA OQ Rule and DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program requirements
  • Integrate key contractor data from VeriSource – such as overall safety score or safety audit scores – into procurement, ERP, risk management, or other enterprise or proprietary systems used to manage vendors, enabling a more complete view of vendor relationships and informing vendor risk profiles as part of a broader supply chain risk management program
  • Leverage our uniquely comprehensive compliance solutions that combine VeriSource software with value-added audit and consulting services and complementary training offerings, allowing you to manage your compliance programs more efficiently and mitigate risk more effectively
  • Simplify your client experience by working through a single-source solution provider like Veriforce