Only Veriforce® delivers a comprehensive solution for DOT/PHMSA OQ Rule compliance that supports OQ processes from end to end, uniting software with value-added audit, consulting, and training services to maximize the overall effectiveness and defensibility of OQ programs.

Streamline and simplify your OQ records verification and management processes

  • Manage all aspects of employee and/or contractor OQ qualification tracking and recordkeeping within VeriSourceTM OQ Compliance Management, avoiding the risks inherent in pushing OQ data into other systems (such as lagging or static qualification records) and creating a simpler, more reliable solution
  • Use VeriSource to centrally track records for covered task qualifications, along with related certifications and training
  • Easily identify upcoming qualification expirations and find authorized evaluators
  • Securely integrate VeriSource with your enterprise HR or learning management system to further streamline OQ-related business processes and reporting

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Safeguard the quality of your OQ program and demonstrate program effectiveness

Safeguard the quality of your OQ program
  • Get peace of mind: Veriforce is the only vendor that complements our OQ compliance management software with OQ personnel audits, helping to ensure the integrity of your regulatory records by verifying that qualifications are being appropriately awarded and workers on your pipeline are truly qualified to perform covered tasks
  • Gain unique access to audit metrics that can help you more effectively demonstrate your OQ program’s effectiveness internally, as well as to PHMSA and/or state inspectors

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Reduce your training development effort while enabling compliance with PHMSA requirements

Covered Task Training

Ensure a defensible OQ compliance program and keep on top of changing regulations

  • Rely on our in-house team of seasoned industry experts who have decades of real-world compliance experience and a deep understanding of key industry regulations and standards
  • Get expert advice throughout configuration, implementation, and maintenance of your VeriSource OQ Compliance Management application, helping you optimize your system to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Draw upon our extensive range of OQ consulting services, giving you access to valuable subject matter expertise and guidance as you adapt your OQ programs to keep pace with changes to your business and to federal/state requirements
  • Network, discuss regulatory updates, and share best practices with your peers by attending Veriforce client events, helping you drive continuous improvement to your OQ programs

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More efficiently and effectively mitigate compliance risk and improve safety

  • Simplify contractor management with integrated VeriSource applications to manage contractor compliance with DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program and OSHA and client-specific safety requirements
  • Leverage our uniquely comprehensive compliance solutions that combine VeriSource software with value-added audit and consulting services and complementary training offerings, allowing you to manage your compliance programs more efficiently and mitigate risk more effectively
  • Simplify your client experience by working through a single-source solution provider like Veriforce