Preparing for the New PHMSA OQ Training Requirements

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The PHMSA OQ NPRM that was issued in July 2015 includes changes to training requirements that will significantly impact energy & utilities companies’ OQ programs. The way in which companies manage OQ-related training across their employees, contractors, and evaluators will need to be carefully reconsidered.

This white paper focuses specifically on the training-related aspects of the OQ NPRM and is a follow-up to the Key Criteria for OQ NPRM Readiness checklist, which provided an overview of the broader changes outlined in this NPRM. Download this white paper to:

  • Learn more about the scope of the training-related NPRM changes
  • Understand the potential impact of these changes on your company’s OQ programs
  • Begin assessing your company’s current approach to OQ-related training so you can prepare now for the imminent regulatory changes