Key Criteria for a Best Practice-Based OQ Solution

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Since the beginning of the year, there’s been increasing conversation throughout the industry about evolving OQ program requirements. Whether you consider recent state-level initiatives such as the NYSDPS White Paper, operators’ anecdotal feedback regarding federal and state inspectors’ heightened expectations during audits, or PHMSA’s pending OQ NPRM, all signs point to tighter OQ program requirements on the horizon.

This new checklist highlights some of the more significant changes that are being proposed by state and federal regulators, as well as identifies the key criteria to consider when seeking a best practice-based OQ solution that can prepare you to satisfy enhanced requirements.

Download Key Criteria for a Best Practice-Based OQ Solution to see the proposed changes in the areas of:

    • Covered Task Definition & Task Criteria
    • Evaluation/Qualification Protocols
    • Span of Control (SOC)
    • Requalification Intervals
    • and more!