A Brand New Veriforce

Today represents an exciting day at Veriforce as we launch our new company brand, with a new logo, color scheme, and design, along with a modern and mobile-friendly new website. As we begin this new chapter at Veriforce, I’ve spent some time reflecting on our company and its history. For fifteen years, Veriforce has been driven by our commitment to providing the energy & utilities industry with solutions that enhance personal and community safety. My own strong belief in the company’s purpose was a key driver behind my decision to purchase Veriforce in 2009, and our corporate commitment to enhancing safety has continued to guide our business forward as we’ve expanded our offerings beyond OQ compliance to include integrated solutions for drug & alcohol and OSHA safety compliance, as well as training. I’m very proud to lead a company that actively contributes to cultivating safer worksites and communities all over our nation.

Integrated Technology

I’m also proud of our team’s history of collaborating very closely with our clients and the market to ensure that we’re delivering solutions to meet their most pressing business needs. We spend a lot of time speaking to people in the market and often hear how challenging and costly it is for companies to manage their different compliance programs in support of DOT/PHMSA OQ and D&A requirements and OSHA safety regulations using different systems and a variety of vendors. That’s why at Veriforce we chose to take a different approach. We built our VeriSource™ software  to enable clients to use a single, integrated system, and work through one vendor, to manage their OQ, D&A, and safety compliance programs. Our clients have found that this integrated technology approach allows their teams to work more efficiently, while also making it much easier for them to monitor contractor and employee compliance, maintain records, and demonstrate their compliance to regulators. In fact, the design of our new company logo was inspired by the value of providing our clients with integrated compliance solutions.

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

As we’ve partnered with our clients, we’ve also found that technology is just one piece of the puzzle in their quest to build effective and defensible compliance programs. This drove Veriforce to provide audit, training, and consulting services to complement our software and help clients create stronger, more holistic compliance programs. For example, our audit services give clients more eyes in the field to help ensure the integrity of their compliance programs. Our training solutions help clients who are bogged down with managing the training-related aspects of their compliance programs, or who don’t have the resources to create their own training content from scratch. And our consulting services provide clients with subject matter expertise to help them address what seems to be a constant pain point in our market: keeping up with the every-changing regulatory environment. We developed these programs because we have a strong commitment not only to helping our clients create world-class compliance programs, but also to making it easier for them to do so by working through just one vendor.

New Website Experience

Finally, I want to touch on our new website and the exciting benefits it brings. Our new site, which is optimized for use on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, makes it easier and more convenient than ever for our clients, prospects, and other site visitors to find the information they need about Veriforce products, services, and support. For example, we’ve added new support features, such as a rapidly-searchable Frequently Asked Questions section and a user-friendly “Getting Started with Veriforce” area. We’ve also included, and will continue to build out, a new Knowledge Center section dedicated to providing educational resources for our industry. This section will provide white papers, webinars, checklists, blog articles, and more that address timely and relevant topics such as managing the complexities of regulatory changes, how to best employ technology as a part of a compliance program, and how to deal with a retiring workforce – all with the goal of helping people navigate their key business challenges.

As Veriforce moves forward with a fresh new look and website, I am proud of what our company has achieved to date, I am excited about the potential the future holds, and, most importantly, I am appreciative of our clients and employees who helped to get us here. I invite you to take a quick tour of our new website and learn more about what sets Veriforce apart in our industry.

About the Author

Louie Werderich

As President of Veriforce, Louie Werderich leads the business strategy and daily operations for one of the nation’s leading energy & utilities compliance companies. Under his leadership, Veriforce has expanded its range of offerings to become the only single-source provider of comprehensive compliance solutions that combine integrated OQ, Drug & Alcohol, and Safety compliance management software with value-added audit, consulting, and training services.

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