Veriforce® implementation services are designed to help our clients get maximum value from their VeriSourceTM software investment and optimize their overall OQ, Drug and Alcohol, Safety, and COI Tracking programs.

Get your organization’s Veriforce compliance solution up and running quickly with our proven implementation process designed to enable you to:

  • Leverage the expertise of Veriforce compliance and industry experts to configure your VeriSource software and help optimize your overall OQ, drug and alcohol, safety, and/or COI tracking program(s)
  • Quickly implement compliance management best practices across your organization and accelerate your solution’s ROI
  • Maximize participation in your contractor compliance program(s) and accelerate contractor time-to-work through easy and efficient contractor onboarding processes

Implementation Process Overview

  • Project Kickoff
    • Meet the Veriforce implementation team
    • Walkthrough VeriSource software to review configuration options
    • Discuss client’s program requirements
    • Establish implementation timeline to inform project plan creation by Veriforce
  • Requirements Gathering 
    • Document client’s solution requirements
    • Share best practices/provide configuration guidance to client
    • Provide templates for client’s contractor, employee, etc. lists
  • VeriSource Setup & Activation
    • Configure and validate client’s VeriSource application(s) and any integrations with enterprise systems (e.g., HR or learning management systems)
    • Load client’s provided list of contractors and/or employees
    • Activate the client’s VeriSource application in preparation for onboarding
  • Contractor Onboarding
    • Notify client’s contractors of program requirements (Veriforce sends on client’s behalf)
    • Begin contractor onboarding process
    • Upload of data and information to VeriSource by client’s contractors
  • Internal Training & Support Transition
    • Train client’s VeriSource administrator(s) and internal staff
    • Hold support transition call to ensure client has contacts/resources to get help going forward
  • Compliance Deadline
    • Begin using VeriSource: contractors should have completed client’s program requirements
  • Ongoing Support
    • Rely on Veriforce Client Success team for ongoing assistance with client or contractor needs