Veriforce® partners with a top-tier hosting services provider to deliver VeriSourceTM, our integrated software to manage OQ, D&A, Safety, and COI Tracking programs, resulting in a highly-secure, reliable compliance solution that is easily and cost-effectively deployed and maintained.

Rest assured that your data is safe in VeriSource

  • VeriSource is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution hosted by a top-tier hosting services provider
  • Our hosting services provider offers state-of-the-art hosting facilities with multiple layers of physical and logical protection
  • Both Veriforce and our hosting services provider are ISO 27001 certified, providing independent assurance that both companies’ internal controls meet rigorous standards for information security and business continuity

Get a reliable compliance solution that supports your company’s business continuity

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee on a 24x7x365 basis (outside of scheduled VeriSource maintenance)
  • Daily full database backups
  • Full restoration of data within 4 hours

Enjoy rapid deployment and worry-free maintenance with VeriSource

  • Clients avoid the hassles of purchasing and deploying new IT equipment
  • VeriSource can be quickly deployed, leading to faster ROI realization
  • Clients’ reliance on internal IT resources is eliminated, as the VeriSource application and its upgrades are managed by Veriforce

Reduce your upfront and long-term IT costs with a SaaS solution

  • Cost of buying and maintaining additional hardware or server software is eliminated
  • Expense of internal IT staff to manage server administration, upgrades, maintenance, backups, security, and monitoring is avoided
  • Predictable total cost of ownership (TCO), as hidden costs related to equipment issues or failures are avoided