As part of our uniquely comprehensive OQ compliance solution, Veriforce® regulatory experts offer pipeline operators a variety of OQ plan development, program and personnel assessment, gap analysis, and guidance services designed to help clients implement best practices in their OQ programs and ensure compliance with PHMSA and state OQ requirements.

Our in-house team of seasoned industry experts and extensive range of OQ consulting services are available to assist you in optimizing your OQ program.

OQ Program Assessment

Veriforce consultants assess your company’s OQ program, utilizing PHMSA OQ protocol to determine adherence to 49 CFR 192 and/or 195 and to appraise the effectiveness of your OQ program. This assessment also follows the B31Q Appendix 11A guidelines. It typically requires 1-3 days.

Field OQ Program Assessment

This assessment consists of an on-site review of a field location’s and/or active project’s OQ documentation and personnel qualifications, utilizing established protocols based on PHMSA OQ protocol, to determine the field program’s adherence to your company’s OQ program and procedures.

OQ Plan Development & Maintenance

Our compliance specialists work with you to develop a new OQ Plan or revise your current plan based on your specific pipeline facilities and unique needs. On an annual basis, we’ll then review your OQ Plan and advise you regarding any needed updates based on policy/procedure or regulatory changes.

Qualified Field Personnel Assessment

This assessment includes a review of field O&M records and personnel qualification records, as well as interviews with and observations of field personnel, to verify that personnel performing covered tasks are qualified. Reviews are conducted in accordance with PHMSA OQ Field Inspection Protocol.

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Covered Task Procedures Review

Our consultants review your company’s applicable procedures associated with covered tasks and work with you to develop familiarization training (with knowledge checks) for contractors. This is designed to ensure that your contractors are familiar with your specific procedures when qualified based on third-party covered task criteria.

Evaluator Assessment

The Veriforce team reviews field O&M records and personnel training records to identify personnel performing evaluations and verify that your OQ program requirements are being followed. Interviews and observation are used to determine evaluator familiarity with the requirements to properly perform evaluations, and feedback is provided to evaluator(s) as appropriate.

Field OQ Program Records Assessment

Our compliance specialists review your field facility’s records (O&M, project, etc.) to ensure compliance with your company’s written OQ program and procedures. This assessment utilizes an abbreviated version of PHMSA OQ protocol and typically takes 1-3 days.

PHMSA/State Agency Inspection Support

Veriforce regulatory compliance specialists provide on-site support during state or federal PHMSA audits, giving you regulatory guidance and interpretation during the audit. Our team also assists by providing document support and knowledge of your Veriforce OQ services to help you demonstrate compliance during the assessment.

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OQ Program-to-B31Q Gap Analysis

Veriforce compliance specialists review your company’s OQ program to identify any deficiencies relative to B31Q recommendations. Our review may include the methods used for determining covered tasks, requalification intervals, abnormal operating conditions, and span of control limits, as well as criteria for selecting evaluators, evaluation methods, and overall program effectiveness measures.

Operator-to-B31Q Task List Gap Analysis

Your company’s covered task list is reviewed against the B31Q recommended covered task list to identify any deficiencies. Services may include review of evaluation criteria, evaluation methods, requalification intervals, and span of control limits, as well as development of covered tasks to address any identified gaps.

Merger & Acquisition OQ Gap Analysis

In this analysis, the Veriforce team performs a thorough review of the OQ programs that are to be merged to determine potential regulatory gaps utilizing the applicable PHMSA and/or state protocols. Our consultants also assess the OQ programs against industry best practices and may assist with program integration, including any needed covered task development or revision.

OQ Program-to-O&M Procedures Gap Analysis

Our compliance specialists review your company’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) procedures to identify any deficiencies relative to covered tasks. Assistance with covered task development is provided upon request.

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“The biggest difference with Veriforce, as compared to their competitors, is probably their expertise in the area because they have employees who have safety backgrounds, employees who have pipeline operations backgrounds… My Veriforce pitch would be: they truly have expertise in the areas that are important to the pipeline operators in maintaining their systems safely and in compliance with regulations.”