Veriforce® helps energy & utilities companies address regulatory challenges with program assessment, gap analysis, and procedures development services that help ensure their Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program conforms to federal and state regulations.

Let Veriforce regulatory compliance specialists with decades of real-world industry experience review your company’s O&M program(s) and provide guidance to help you ensure compliance with applicable regulations and protocols.

O&M Program Assessment

Through on-site and/or off-site review, our compliance specialists evaluate your O&M program against the requirements of 49 CFR 192 and 49 CFR 195 (following established inspection criteria based on PHMSA O&M inspection forms) and/or state regulations. Deliverables include, as appropriate, gap analysis report(s), procedure development and/or revision, and format revision of your current O&M plan.

O&M Procedures Development

A Veriforce project manager and technical writer work with you to develop procedures for your O&M program, or revise your current procedures, based on your company’s pipeline facilities and unique needs and in accordance with applicable requirements in 49 CFR 192 and 195. Services include technical writing and procedure writing to support production of a written O&M procedures document.

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Merger & Acquisition O&M Gap Analysis

Veriforce consultants perform a thorough review of the O&M programs that are to be merged to identify potential regulatory gaps utilizing the relevant PHMSA and/or state protocols. Our analysis also compares these programs against industry best practices and checks that appropriate site-specific procedures are in place for each location. Our team may assist with O&M program integration, including any needed procedure development or revision.