Veriforce® contractor drug and alcohol audits give energy & utilities companies visibility into the quality of their contractors’ DOT/PHMSA D&A programs while helping contractors make program improvements.

Enhance your contractor D&A monitoring program with Veriforce audit services that give you greater visibility into contractor compliance and help your contractors drive drug and alcohol program improvements.

  • Gain deeper insight into the quality and effectiveness of your contractors’ DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol programs through our team’s audit summary reports
  • Reduce safety risk on your worksites: Veriforce auditors identify any gaps in a contractor’s drug and alcohol program and provide specific and actionable recommendations for improvement, which helps contractors upgrade their program and, in turn, helps hiring clients reduce safety risk

“Veriforce made undergoing a drug & alcohol program audit as stress-free as possible. Their auditor was extremely thorough and helped us identify specific improvements that have strengthened our company’s program. That experience, combined with their easy-to-use software and responsive customer service, make Veriforce a great partner.”

Contractor Drug and Alcohol Audits

  • Veriforce experts audit a group of contractors that is selected by the hiring client
  • Includes a review of D&A-related records and testing results, EAP training and communications, and subcontractor drug and alcohol compliance management activities
  • Upon completion of each audit, an audit summary report is available to both the hiring client and the contractor; these audit summary reports are accessible via VeriSource™ D&A Compliance Management to all hiring clients that opt to participate in our contractor drug and alcohol audit program
  • The Veriforce team is available to provide contractors with guidance when taking corrective action to resolve any audit findings