The Veriforce® Elite Evaluator program is designed to identify and award accreditation to those companies and evaluators that demonstrate a superior commitment to performing high-quality OQ evaluations in accordance with Veriforce policies and procedures. Through this program, we also enable Veriforce clients to find top-notch evaluators to support their OQ evaluation needs.


Current Veriforce Elite Evaluator Companies

Hayes Field ServicesASTAR_WhiteSouthland Safety


Elite Evaluator Program Benefits

  • Be recognized for the quality of your evaluators and your company’s evaluator monitoring program
  • Give your clients confidence that high-quality evaluations are being performed
  • Stand out from other third-party evaluator companies
  • Get extra visibility for your company in VeriSource, resulting in potential new business from pipeline operators and contractors

Elite Evaluator Accreditation Process

To participate in the Veriforce Elite Evaluator program, your company and one or more of your evaluators must undergo our rigorous accreditation process:

Company-level Accreditation

Veriforce auditors visit your company headquarters and meet with a designated company representative to review your evaluator selection and monitoring program. Veriforce will assess the program’s effectiveness at cultivating top-notch evaluators and maintaining the quality of the company’s evaluation services. Veriforce will provide a report documenting our assessment of your company’s program.

Individual-level Evaluator Accreditation

Veriforce will audit any of your company’s individual evaluators who are seeking the Elite Evaluator accreditation. Once the audit step is complete, our auditors will perform an in-person assessment of each evaluator as he/she evaluates candidates using Veriforce evaluation policies and procedures. Veriforce will provide a report documenting any findings from the individual evaluator audits and assessments.

Awarding and Maintaining Elite Evaluator Accreditation

If your company passes the company-level assessment and has at least one individual who is accredited as an Elite Evaluator, you will be awarded Elite Evaluator status. Your company’s name will then appear at the top of the Third-Party Evaluators listing in VeriSource with the Elite Evaluator designation (one or more stars). In order to maintain the Elite Evaluator accreditation, your company and its evaluators will need to be reassessed on an annual basis.

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