Check out the frequently asked questions below, which provide information and resources for contractors and evaluators who partner with Veriforce®.

Information for Contractors

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below covers a variety of topics of interest to Veriforce contractor clients. Use the filters to the right of the FAQs to quickly find information about:

  • How to get started with Veriforce (OQ, D&A, safety, insurance services)
  • Upcoming Veriforce training courses
  • Covered task lists
  • Finding an evaluator
  • The VeriSource Administrator Training Course
  • Hotel/transportation information for events in The Woodlands, TX

Information for Evaluators

Evaluators can find a wide range of helpful information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below. Use the filters to the right of the FAQs to easily locate information about:

  • How to get started with Veriforce
  • The evaluator authorization process and training
  • Evaluator reauthorization
  • Evaluator transfer requests
  • Third-party evaluator services and the Veriforce Elite Evaluator Program
  • Hotel/transportation information for events in The Woodlands, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a contractor or work for a third-party evaluator service provider and need to get set up with Veriforce. How do I get started?

Please visit the Getting Started with Veriforce  section of our website, which will walk you through our easy onboarding processes for Veriforce OQ, drug and alcohol, safety, and insurance solutions.

I’m attending an event or meeting at Veriforce headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. Do you have any information about local transportation, hotel, and restaurant options?

Yes. Please visit our page with local transportation, lodging, and dining information  for The Woodlands.

Where can I view a calendar of upcoming Veriforce training courses?

Please visit our Veriforce Training Calendar page  to view our upcoming instructor-led courses.

How can I learn more about using the VeriSource system?

Veriforce offers a VeriSource Administrator Training course on a quarterly basis. In this course, which is specifically designed for contractors, attendees learn how to efficiently administer the VeriSource system in order to support their company’s participation in clients’ programs to manage contractor compliance with OQ, drug & alcohol, safety, and/or insurance requirements. View our calendar of upcoming training courses to find a course and get registered.

What is the process for becoming a Veriforce-authorized evaluator?

Our simple 3-step process for becoming a Veriforce-authorized evaluator includes:

  • Signing your company up for an account with Veriforce and subscribing to our OQ Compliance service here
  • Submitting your Evaluator Application Form
  • Successfully completing Evaluator Authorization Training

Please review the Getting Started with Veriforce – Evaluator Authorization page  for more details.

What is the Veriforce evaluator reauthorization process?

Evaluators must be reauthorized annually. There are two options for reauthorization:

  • You may attend and successfully complete our instructor-led Evaluator Authorization Training course. View the Veriforce training calendar for upcoming classes.
  • You may complete our Evaluator Reauthorization Computer-Based Training (CBT) course, which is accessible 24/7 via VeriSourceTM, our web-based compliance management software. To access the Evaluator Reauthorization CBT course, log-in to VeriSource using your evaluator user name/password, look under the Internal Evaluators menu, and select Evaluator Reauthorization. After you complete the training modules you will take a final exam (50 questions) and must score 100% in order to be reauthorized.
Can I transfer my evaluator authorization to another company?

Yes. Your new company must have an account with Veriforce (if your new company needs to sign up with Veriforce, go here). Your new company’s VeriSource admin must initiate the evaluator transfer request. To do so, he/she will log in to VeriSource  using their admin user name/password, look under the Administrative menu, and select and complete the Evaluator Transfer Form.

How do I get my company added to the list of Third-Party Evaluators found in VeriSource?

If you’d like to advertise your evaluator services within VeriSource, our compliance management software, please complete our online Third-Party Evaluator Services Advertising Form.

What is the Veriforce Elite Evaluator Program?

The Veriforce Elite Evaluator Program is designed to identify and award accreditation to those companies and evaluators that demonstrate a superior commitment to performing high-quality OQ evaluations in accordance with Veriforce policies and procedures. Learn more about the program here.

Where can I find the covered task list for a pipeline operator that is a Veriforce client?

Operator-specific covered task lists are accessible in VeriSource, our web-based compliance management software. To view a task list, log in to VeriSource, look under the OQ menu, select Covered Task Lists, and select the operator’s name. If you do not have access to VeriSource, you will need to complete our online Contractor Signup Form here to establish an account with Veriforce and get VeriSource login credentials for your company .

What is the Common Covered Task (CCT) list?

In 2003, Veriforce assembled a committee of gas and liquid pipeline operators to create a list of pipeline industry tasks common among them, which is known as the Common Covered Task (CCT) list. This list, and its supporting evaluation criteria, make managing OQ plans simpler for participating operators and contractors. The CCT list is kept current as regulations evolve and incorporated by reference industry standards change, so it is always up-to-date. Each pipeline operator that is a Veriforce client can choose to use the CCT list, their own unique covered task list, or a hybrid of the two to suit their OQ program’s specific needs.

How do I find a Veriforce-authorized evaluator to qualify my employees?

You may either send someone in your organization through the Veriforce evaluator authorization process, or hire a third-party evaluator. To find a list of third-party evaluators, log-in to VeriSource , our web-based compliance management software. Once logged-in, look under the OQ menu and select Third-Party Evaluators.

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