Why am I receiving this invoice?

You are receiving this invoice because you either selected our new QI Subscription payment model or because we did not receive a response from you regarding your selection for new billing options from Veriforce and you were defaulted to the minimum number of QIs given your usage last year. This was done as a cost-saving option for contractors. Contractors that opted into the Subscription Model were able to lock-in the discounted price of $150 per active QI for 2020. Alternatively, contractors that were uncertain of their QI needs for 2020 were able to select our Pay-As-You-Go Model for $195 per active QI. Contractors that did not make a billing model selection for 2020 in the required timeframe were defaulted into the Subscription Model for any QIs that were already active on 1/1/20, saving them money for these QIs over the alternative Pay-As-You-Go payment model. For these contractors, any additional QIs activated during the 2020 billing cycle will be charged at the overage rate of $195 each.

About Veriforce

Veriforce® is relied upon by leading organizations for the key solutions required to enhance safety for their workforce and the communities they serve. Veriforce solutions combine VeriSourceTM, its integrated software to manage Operator Qualification, Drug & Alcohol, Safety, and Certificate of Insurance Tracking programs, with value-added audit and consulting services and complementary training offerings. Using Veriforce solutions, organizations are able to centralize and streamline critical compliance processes, more efficiently manage their contractor workforce, more effectively mitigate regulatory and supply chain risk, as well as drive ongoing improvement to safety. Headquartered in the greater Houston area, Veriforce serves as a trusted partner to over 225 top companies and their network of more than 11,000 contractors, suppliers, and vendors. For more information, visit www.veriforce.com or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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