VeriSourceTM Training Management provides an integrated solution that enables organizations to more efficiently manage training associated with OQ, drug and alcohol, and/or safety compliance programs, technical or new hire training programs, and more.

Easily create and deliver training programs to meet regulatory or other training requirements

  • Upload internal company and/or third-party training materials to VeriSource Training Management, plus use subscription-based VeriSource Computer-Based Training (CBT) course content
  • Organize training materials and content to create standard training programs, plus enjoy the flexibility to create unique training programs for different job titles or for particular business locations to address local procedures, regulatory requirements, etc.
  • Build and administer custom quizzes/exams as part of each training program to test and measure trainees’ comprehension
  • Deliver training programs through VeriSource, making them accessible to trainees anytime, anywhere

Centralize and streamline training management

  • Efficiently assign training and testing to employees
  • Define job titles and use them to auto-assign training and/or OQ qualification requirements to all individuals with a specific title, greatly simplifying the assignment process
  • Easily monitor training progress and results, as well as keep on top of in-progress and expiring training
  • Rely on the system’s email notifications to keep trainees up-to-date on their latest training assignments, provide quick access to their assigned courses, and provide early alerts regarding upcoming training expirations

Simplify training recordkeeping to support defensible compliance programs

  • Automatically capture the results in the application for all training completed within VeriSource, saving administrative hassle
  • Easily create records for any instructor-led or on-the-job training completed outside of VeriSource, ensuring a comprehensive record of all training and testing
  • Exploit tight integration with VeriSource OQ Compliance Management, Drug & Alcohol Compliance Management, and Safety Compliance Management to more effectively manage the training associated with any of these programs