VeriSourceTM provides companies a real-time view of contractor compliance with OSHA and client-specific safety requirements, as well as insights into contractor safety trends that help them better understand contractor risk and target safety improvement efforts.

Simplify contractor prequalification and management and get real-time visibility into contractors’ compliance with your safety requirements

  • Centrally track and maintain safety statistics and policies for all of your contractors using a single, web-based application
  • Quickly identify which contractors not only meet all of your company’s safety requirements, but also have the best safety performance history
  • Ensure contractors’ safety policies meet your requirements: as a value-added service included with our software, Veriforce® safety professionals review contractors’ submitted safety policies to ensure they truly satisfy OSHA and client-specific standards

Take a risk-based approach to contractor prequalification, tailored to your company’s unique safety & procurement policies

  • Group your contractors based on their size, work types, or other risk factors, allowing you to customize each group’s safety requirements and scoring model based on perceived risk
  • Automatically enforce contractor compliance with prequalification requirements that align with your company’s specific policies
  • Easily configure which safety policies to require for each work type, improving your contractors’ experience by requiring only those policies relevant to the work they actually perform

“With the Veriforce contractor safety prequalification program, we’ve been able to manage our contractors more efficiently and make better contractor selection decisions for our projects. Plus, we’ve found the Veriforce program to be highly-flexible, enabling us to adapt the program to align with Great River Energy’s specific contractor safety requirements as an electric cooperative.”

Gain insight into contractor safety trends to better understand your risk and target safety improvement efforts

Contractor Safety Performance
  • Use the application’s reporting to understand how your contractors’ safety stats are trending relative to the overall industry
  • Leverage contractor dashboards to get a comprehensive, one-stop view of each contractor’s safety program and easily assess the contractor’s safety record
  • Get a deeper view of a contractor’s safety performance: VeriSource brings together contractor safety trend metrics and insights from Veriforce contractor desktop and field safety audits, giving you better insight to make hiring decisions and target contractor safety improvement efforts

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Help contractors make continuous safety improvements and, in turn, reduce your risk

  • Leverage our contractor desktop and field safety audit services, which help contractors identify and close safety program gaps and drive genuine improvements that, in turn, enable hiring clients to reduce safety risk on their worksites
  • Take advantage of our Safety Computer-Based Training Library, featuring 80+ industry-specific courses in English and Spanish that help contractors drive safety awareness and comply with OSHA training requirements

Gain a consolidated view of contractor compliance beyond safety

  • Simplify contractor management with integrated VeriSource applications to manage insurance prequalification, as well as contractor compliance with PHMSA OQ Rule and DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol requirements
  • Get a one-stop view of each contractor’s compliance and commitment to safety so you can easily identify contractors who are ready to go to work, make more informed contractor selection decisions, and, ultimately, lower your regulatory risk

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