VeriSourceTM enables companies to streamline contractor safety prequalification, accelerate contractor time-to-work, and gain deep insight into contractor safety program quality and trends.

Streamline contractor prequalification and get real-time visibility into contractors’ compliance with your safety requirements

  • Rely on a proven solution based on OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910 and 1926, helping to ensure your contractors’ compliance with federal OSHA standards, along with any company-specific requirements
  • Quickly identify which contractors meet all of your company’s safety requirements or why a contractor is unapproved
  • Centrally track all of your contractors’ safety program details – stats, policies, documents, and Veriforce audit reports – in a web-based application that offers the flexibility to meet the needs of clients across industry sectors
  • Ensure contractors’ policies meet your requirements: as a value-added service included with our software, Veriforce® safety professionals – not a computer algorithm – review contractors’ submitted safety policies to ensure they satisfy OSHA and client-specific standards
  • Integrate key contractor data – such as overall safety score or safety audit scores – into procurement, ERP, risk management, or other enterprise or proprietary systems used to manage vendors, enabling a more complete view of vendor relationships and informing vendor risk profiles as part of a broader supply chain risk management program

Accelerate contractor time-to-work

  • Eliminate guesswork: in the contractor’s view of VeriSource, Safety Actions show contractors exactly what must be completed to get compliant in the client’s program, getting them to work more quickly
  • Speed the onboarding process: VeriSource uses simple templates and Action Badges to make data input highly efficient, and document upload requirements clear for contractors
  • Avoid confusion: VeriSource enables contractors to view the specific requirements for each policy type, helping them to “get it right” the first time

“The interface makes it very easy to understand what I need to do to meet client requirements.”

Tailor your contractor prequalification solution to your company’s unique safety & procurement requirements

  • Group your contractors based on their size, work types, location, or other criteria, allowing you to customize each group’s safety requirements and scoring model
  • Automatically enforce contractor compliance with prequalification requirements that align with your company’s specific procurement policies and risk requirements
  • Efficiently manage and document exception requests when the business need arises to use a contractor that falls outside of your company’s established standards
  • Easily configure which safety policies to require for each work type, improving your contractors’ experience by requiring only policies relevant to the work they perform

Gain deeper insight into contractor safety program quality and trends, enabling better hiring decisions and lowering your risk

Contractor Safety Performance
  • Use KPI (Key Performance Indicator) charts to quickly understand how your contractors’ safety performance is trending and analyze underlying details
  • Leverage contractor dashboards to get an in-depth, one-stop view of each contractor’s safety program and internally share feedback about a contractor
  • Get visibility into the actual implementation of contractors’ safety programs: VeriSource brings together contractor safety trend metrics and insights from Veriforce contractor desktop and field safety audits, giving you deeper insight to inform hiring decisions and manage your supply chain risk

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“Veriforce contractor safety audits have given us more eyes in the field to help identify safety gaps among our contractors and ensure they take corrective action.”

Drive ongoing improvement to contractor safety

Safeguard the quality of your OQ program
  • Leverage Veriforce contractor desktop and field safety audit services, which help contractors identify and close safety program gaps
  • Rely on our safety professionals to provide your contractors with guidance and a corrective action process, plus perform follow-up audits to ensure gaps are closed, resulting in real safety improvements

Gain a consolidated view of contractor compliance beyond safety

  • Simplify contractor management with integrated VeriSource applications to manage insurance prequalification, as well as contractor compliance with PHMSA OQ Rule and DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol requirements
  • Get a one-stop view of each contractor’s compliance and commitment to safety so you can easily identify contractors who are ready to go to work, make more informed contractor selection decisions, and, ultimately, lower your supply chain and regulatory risk