VeriSourceTM OQ Compliance Management represents a key component of our uniquely comprehensive OQ compliance solution, enabling pipeline operators to manage all aspects of employee OQ qualification tracking and recordkeeping within a single software application, which avoids the risks inherent in pushing OQ data into other systems and creates a simpler, more reliable solution to ensure compliance with the DOT/PHMSA OQ Rule (49 CFR Part 192 and 49 CFR Part 195).

Get real-time visibility into OQ qualifications

  • Access OQ records anytime, anywhere, allowing efficient identification of qualified individuals for a particular job and easy field verification before they go to work
  • View an employee’s covered task qualifications, as well as all related records for certifications and training
  • Avoid the risk of lagging, static OQ records: updates to qualifications are visible in VeriSource in real-time as they are added, suspended, or revoked

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Centralize and streamline OQ compliance management and recordkeeping

  • Quickly manage covered task assignments and get an at-a-glance view of each employee’s progress towards completion
  • Use VeriSource reports to quickly locate qualified individuals and authorized evaluators
  • Easily keep on top of upcoming qualification expirations with automated email notifications
  • Securely integrate VeriSource with your enterprise HR or learning management system to further streamline OQ-related business processes and reporting

“It gives me peace of mind to be able to clearly see in the software that we’re at 100% with respect to OQ task compliance relative to our field team’s responsibilities. And, I know that if we get audited, everything we need is well-organized and easy to access within VeriSource. Working with Veriforce has made a complicated rule like OQ very simple.”

Support your business's unique OQ program requirements

  • Leverage the Common Covered Task list, which was developed and is maintained in collaboration with other Veriforce® clients and our industry experts, use your own unique task list, or utilize a hybrid of the two to suit your employee OQ program needs
  • Enforce unique requirements as task pre- or co-requisites, such as task and/or policy & procedure training or certifications
  • Take advantage of our team’s deep OQ domain expertise and experience helping clients develop operator-specific covered tasks
  • Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your OQ solution to your specific business needs: we currently manage more than 2,000 operator-specific tasks in VeriSource

Eliminate administrative hassles

  • Submit evaluation and training records for your employees directly to Veriforce, where they are audited and input within 24 hours, eliminating paperwork for your OQ administrator and potential delays in qualifications
  • Simplify administration of your internal evaluator processes by letting Veriforce handle your evaluator training and authorizations, as well as manage and maintain all documentation for your internal evaluators

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Maximize the effectiveness and defensibility of your employee OQ program