Veriforce® knows safety training is critical to improving safety culture, but can be costly and time-consuming for energy & utilities companies and contractors. The VeriSourceTM Safety Computer-Based Training (CBT) Library represents an efficient, cost-effective, and defensible solution to help improve employees’ safety awareness and satisfy training requirements found in federal OSHA general industry and construction standards. With 80+ industry-specific safety courses in English and Spanish, the Safety CBT Library helps ensure workers have the required knowledge and skills to safely do their jobs.

  • Courses are available on-demand, 24/7 through VeriSource, making it easy and cost-effective to provide OSHA-required safety training to individuals in geographically-dispersed locations and minimizing the need for costly travel by trainers, subject matter experts, or trainees
  • Using the Safety CBT Library frees clients from having to develop safety training content on their own, saving time and money
  • Courses are designed specifically for the energy & utilities industry, incorporating industry-specific content and real-world photography to ensure they are highly-relevant to trainees
  • Courses are available in both English and Spanish to meet the needs of a diverse workforce
  • All course results are automatically captured in VeriSource, eliminating time-consuming and less-reliable manual tracking activities and providing a record of training/testing in the event of an OSHA audit or investigation
  • Courses can be used with VeriSource Training Management, allowing a client to assign safety courses to employees and/or contractors and easily monitor and track trainees’ progress