Veriforce® understands that energy & utilities companies and contractors are faced with workforce turnover challenges, including the need to cultivate the next generation of workers as many long-timers approach retirement age. The VeriSourceTM Pipeline Skills 101 Computer-Based Training (CBT) Library provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to help crew members who are new to the industry quickly build a solid knowledge base across key areas related to gas and liquid pipeline operations.

  • Courses are available on-demand, 24/7, making it easy and cost-effective to provide technical training to individuals in geographically-dispersed locations and minimizing the need for costly travel by trainers, subject matter experts, or trainees
  • Courses can be delivered to employees through VeriSource, or within your company’s own enterprise learning management system using the AICC e-learning integration protocol
  • These courses complement on-the-job training and provide an excellent foundation for OQ covered task training, covering corrosion, pressure/flow regulation and gas measurement, valves, pipeline/plant operations, electrical fundamentals, and mechanical/compression concepts and equipment
  • Designed with efficiency in mind, courses average 15 to 20 minutes in length, helping to maximize workforce time in the field
  • All course results are automatically captured in VeriSource, eliminating time-consuming and less-reliable manual tracking activities, and can even be shared with enterprise HR or learning management systems via a systems integration
  • Courses can be used with VeriSource Training Management or a client’s own enterprise learning management system, allowing them to assign courses to employees and easily monitor and track their progress