Veriforce® knows that energy & utilities companies and contractors need high-quality technical training resources to help workers prepare for OQ covered task evaluations and that many pipeline operators are planning for how they’ll meet the anticipated covered task training requirements in PHMSA’s OQ NPRM. The VeriSourceTM Covered Task Computer-Based Training (CBT) Library is a constantly-growing library of more than 185 courses that review the knowledge and skills needed to correctly perform covered tasks, as well as how to recognize and react to AOCs (Abnormal Operating Conditions). This library, which is part of our uniquely comprehensive solution for OQ compliance, represents an efficient way to deliver covered task training, as well as an excellent means to help satisfy impending covered task training requirements.

  • Courses are available on-demand, 24/7 through VeriSource, making it easy and cost-effective to provide covered task training to individuals in geographically-dispersed locations and minimizing the need for costly travel by trainers, subject matter experts, or trainees
  • Course content is developed and maintained through interviews with subject matter experts, job-task analysis, site visits, and other research, so clients can be confident that our courses always reflect the latest industry developments, technologies, and regulatory requirements
  • All course results are automatically captured in VeriSource, eliminating time-consuming and less-reliable manual tracking activities and providing an auditable record of training/testing completion
  • To meet anticipated PHMSA covered task training requirements, clients can leverage this extensive library of courses, tie these courses (along with their own unique task procedures) to covered tasks, and manage all related training, testing, and recordkeeping in VeriSource to create a defensible and easily-managed solution