The Energy Summit

August 21-22, 2018
All Day
Denver, CO

Emerging from a down commodity cycle, the oil and natural gas industry in the United States is now poised to be the world’s energy leader. With this new mantle of global leadership comes expectations and opportunities, both at home and abroad. The innovation and technological advancements of recent years that have made oil and natural gas companies more efficient and more productive also have propelled our industry to the forefront of technology and science. Will the innovations and advancements of tomorrow solve the issues that industry is grappling with today in board rooms, on investor calls, in political circles, and on the global stage? To begin to answer those questions and to highlight these developments, the Energy Summit proudly enters its 30th year with a focus on “Growth, Expectations & Opportunities.” Over two days, our speakers will explore the growth opportunities afforded to industry, the expectations that come with domestic and global leadership and the opportunities to provide a cleaner energy future, a safer industry and a better world.

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