Supply Chain and Safety: The Imperative of Partnering to Effectively Manage Contractor Performance and Risk

August 29, 2018
11:00 am—12:00 pm
Online Webinar

The role of supply chain professionals and the tools they leverage have become increasingly important as organizations strive to maintain a competitive advantage. Supply chain has evolved from providing contractor selection process oversight, to actively partnering with safety colleagues to monitor contractor performance and ensure continuous improvement. The risks of reputational damage, operational disruption, and diminished production quality have become far too high to ignore the need to partner with internal stakeholders, as well as contractors, to align on common safety goals, potential barriers, and a framework for execution.

In this webinar, learn about common challenges faced by supply chain and safety professionals when managing contractors, and best practices for how to ensure top contractors remain high performers, while struggling contractors improve their safety performance. Find out how aligning supply chain and safety can result in improved contractor performance and more successful achievement of strategic company objectives.

This Webinar Event Includes 1 CEH Certificate, which will be provided to live attendees after the conclusion of the presentation.