Veriforce® is relied upon by the nation’s leading energy & utilities companies and contractors as the only single-source provider of the key solutions required to enhance safety for their workforce and for the communities they serve.

Focused on improving the world by enhancing workforce and community safety

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, integrated, and market-driven solutions that combine innovative technology, value-added services, and unparalleled support. In doing so, we seek to be the recognized vendor-of-choice for energy & utilities companies and contractors, providing the only single-source solution to manage critical compliance programs that enhance the safety of their workers and the communities they serve.

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Offering comprehensive, integrated solutions

Five Circles

Our uniquely comprehensive solutions combine VeriSource™, our integrated software for Operator Qualification (OQ), Drug and Alcohol, and Safety compliance management, with value-added audit and consulting services and a full suite of complementary training offerings. Only Veriforce takes this integrated approach, which simplifies our clients’ experience by enabling them to work through a single vendor and allows them to establish and manage their compliance programs more efficiently and mitigate risk more effectively.


Known for our deep domain knowledge and expertise


Veriforce has seasoned industry experts on staff who have decades of real-world compliance experience and a deep understanding of key industry regulations and standards. This expertise, combined with our comprehensive solutions and unparalleled customer support, allows us to effectively guide energy & utilities companies and contractors through the complexities of setting up and managing defensible compliance programs.

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Strongly committed to our clients

Founded in 2001, today Veriforce serves over 165 energy & utilities companies across the upstream, midstream, local distribution company (LDC), municipal utility, power generation, and refining sectors, as well as their network of 8,000 contractor companies. Veriforce has robust client experience programs and a long history of facilitating communication between, and driving mutually-beneficial changes for, energy & utilities companies and their valued contractor workforce. This has made us a trusted partner of choice to both and a recognized industry catalyst.


Involved in our communities

Veriforce believes that we have a powerful role to play in our communities – both by enhancing community safety through our solutions, as well as through our employees’ commitment to community involvement and service. Through our support of community/charitable organizations, we help to promote health and education, fight hunger, and provide community relief.

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Active in the energy & utilities industry

Veriforce actively participates in the leading energy & utilities industry organizations in support of our goal to enhance safety for all industry stakeholders and the communities they serve.

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