Veriforce Offers Contractor Safety Auditing Services

SHENANDOAH, TEXAS – July 11, 2014 – Veriforce announced today a new service for Contractor Safety Auditing Services.

“Operators face many challenges when managing projects. Veriforce provides the tools needed to build a flexible and effective contractor safety program to manage what is important to operators,” said Louis Werderich, president of Veriforce. “Our contractor safety management mission is to verify that a contractor possesses the appropriate safety policies based on their work types and that the contractor is actively utilizing their safety policies.”

We understand that one size does not fit all, the new standard safety services allow operators to group contractors and create specific requirements for each contractor group. Veriforce contractor safety auditing services includes three levels of auditing Administrative Audit, Desktop Audit, and Field Audit.

Veriforce Administrative Audit allows contractors to upload their OSHA statistical data into the VeriSource system quarterly. Veriforce auditors review the data entered to ensure it matches the contractor’s OSHA 300 and 300A forms, as well as their EMR information.

Contractors upload safety policies based on their work types and these policies are then reviewed by Veriforce safety specialist to verify that they meet OSHA requirements. Contractors also complete a brief questionnaire that is used by Veriforce to establish a foundation for a desktop audit.

Veriforce Desktop Audit is an enhanced review of the contractor’s HSE policies and procedures, training programs, medical and occupational monitoring programs, inspection program, observation program, incident reporting and investigation, and subcontractors. Veriforce desktop audits validate that the contractor is utilizing their documented safety programs. Once the desktop audit is performed, each contractor is scored. Scores are available for operators to compare and use when selecting contractors.

Upon completion of a Veriforce desktop audit, a report summarizing the findings and recommendations for corrective actions is prepared and available for the operator and contractor. Veriforce safety specialist will work with the contractor to address and correct deficiencies, and performs follow-up evaluations.

Veriforce Field Audit is a continuance of the desktop audit. It provides field verification of the contractor’s employee involvement, safety program implementation, hazard control, and management engagement in safety. Once the field audit is performed each contractor is scored and the scores are available to the operator for comparison.

When the field audit is complete, a report summarizing the findings and recommendations for corrective actions is prepared and available for the operator and contractor. Veriforce safety specialist help the contractor audit team address any areas in need of improvement.

About Veriforce

Veriforce® is relied upon by leading organizations for the key solutions required to enhance safety for their workforce and the communities they serve. Veriforce solutions combine VeriSourceTM, its integrated software to manage Operator Qualification, Drug & Alcohol, Safety, and Certificate of Insurance Tracking programs, with value-added audit and consulting services and complementary training offerings. Using Veriforce solutions, organizations are able to centralize and streamline critical compliance processes, more efficiently manage their contractor workforce, more effectively mitigate regulatory and supply chain risk, as well as drive ongoing improvement to safety. Headquartered in the greater Houston area, Veriforce serves as a trusted partner to over 225 top companies and their network of more than 11,000 contractors, suppliers, and vendors. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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