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Evaluator Authorization

evaluator authorization

How to Become an Evaluator

Only individuals who have been authorized as evaluators may conduct personnel OQ evaluations. To become an authorized evaluator, an individual’s “technical competence” and “suitability” must be approved and the individual must successfully complete the Veriforce Evaluator Training Program. Evaluators must be reauthorized annually.

Step 1 – Professional Services Agreement (PSA)

Execute a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Veriforce if your company has not already done so.

Step 2 – Evaluator Application

Once your company has a PSA on file with Veriforce, the company will receive an administrative user name and password allowing access to VeriSource (Veriforce’s database). Located under the INTERNAL EVALUATORS tab you will find a link to the EVALUATOR APPLICATION

Step 3 – Evaluator Training

Once the Evaluator Application has been received, the evaluator trainee will receive their own VeriSource user name and password allowing them to register for the Evaluator Authorization Training Course. This course is offered frequently throughout the US. View our training calendar and register for an upcoming course here. The 8-hour course includes the evaluation process, VeriSource (Veriforce’s database) and mock evaluation training. Course fees are $800 per trainee payable at time of registration. The Evaluator Authorization Training Course can also be delivered onsite at a client’s location (5 person minimum; please email for details and pricing).

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions or need any help please contact evaluator processing at 1-800-426-1604 or via email at