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Community Involvement


At Veriforce, we believe we have a powerful role to play in our communities. Our strong culture of service and desire to make a meaningful social impact is at the heart of all our community involvement initiatives.

Veriforce volunteers and programs help fight hunger, promote health and education, and provide community and disaster relief. Organizations we support include:

Screamfree Organization

Helping parents, couples, military families, professionals, and organizations.
The Screamfree approach is grounded in Family Systems Theory and presented in everyday language. It is ideal for today’s stress-filled world, providing a simple and direct path to lasting changes in families, couples, and organizations.


Every child has a story. For 1.7 million American children, that story is filled with the abandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes from having a mom or dad in prison. Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates, and their families.

Mountain Child

Mountain Child exists for the purpose of raising awareness, resources, and financial aid for humanitarian work carried out amongst impoverished children living in the Himalayas. One out of every five children born in the remote areas of the Himalayas die before the age of one. Mountain Child is urgently working to improve the lives of these children by bringing food, medical aid, education, and love to children who have little chance of survival amongst such hostile conditions. Mountain Child takes careful steps to ensure that the cultural integrity and rich history of these precious children remains intact.

Casa de Esperanza / House of Hope

Casa de Esperanza – Casa de Esperanza is a ministry project of The InterAmerican Restoration Corporation. Casa de Esperanza provides residential, medical, and psychological care according to the needs of each child. Casa de Esperanza strives to break the destructive cycle of child abuse by offering safe homes to children of families in crisis.