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Veriforce is dedicated to helping oil and gas operators and contractors achieve and maintain compliance with government and
safety regulations. We are available at any stage in the compliance process – even at the very start of Operator Qualification

planning. Veriforce verifies regulatory compliance in four areas: Safety, Operator Qualification, Training, and Drug and Alcohol
Monitoring. Our user friendly online systems house all of the data associated with each individual company’s compliance
programs with instant, real-time, worldwide access.  Personalized, even customizable, solutions are created in a collaborative
person to person environment between the client and Veriforce representatives. Veriforce strives to be at the forefront of
industry development and change, to keep our clients up to date and in the know, and to provide personalized service to
our evolving industry. We are leaders in Contractor Prequalification and Contractor Management Services.

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Facts and Figures
Over 84 million qualifications in the system
Over 400,000 qualification records audited
Over 700,000 training records in the system
Over 14,000 contractors in the system

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