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Only Veriforce can offer energy & utilities companies and contractors a single-source solution to enhance workforce and community safety that combines integrated software for OQ, Drug & Alcohol, and Safety compliance management with value-added audit, consulting, and training services. With recognized industry experts from PHMSA, APGA, and the ASME B31Q Standards Committee on staff, we have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through the complexities of establishing and managing defensible compliance programs.

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Did You Know…?
Top 3 Findings of Veriforce Contractor Field Safety Audits in 2015:
1. Emergency Preparedness:  Workers didn’t understand emergency plan and/or first aid kit was missing/insufficient on job site
2. Daily Hazard Analysis:  Lack of procedures/training on hazard analysis, leading to poor identification of job steps and associated hazards 
3. Equipment Inspections:  Inspections not performed on equipment on a daily/weekly basis

Learn how a Veriforce Safety Compliance Management solution can help you identify these and other safety compliance gaps.